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Paola "Palita" Macías

Modelo Fitness, Atleta y Presentadora

I literally love Natural Force Nutriproducts, my experience has been great, my immune system has improved 100%, I love fat robbers because it helps me to block my carbohydrates.
Guillermo “Guillo” Garces

Guillermo “Guillo” Garces

Líder Fitness, Presentador de Radio y Televisión, Consultor de Marketing

My experience with Natural Force Nutriproducts is excellent thanks to its high quality range in the micro nutrients they handle, providing me with the best quality in my body and in my students.
Yessika Boschetti

Yessika Boschetti

Médico Ecografista-medicina Estetica

I consider that NATURAL FORCES has the best supplements. I love POWER SLEEP since, it does not cause dependency and it regulates brain functions, reducing stress, anxiety and, above all, it helps me to get a good night's sleep.
Dr. Jacinto Convit

Dr. Jacinto Convit

Medico, Cientifico

Dr, Jacinto Convit, Medical-Scientific, Precursor of several vaccines including the leprosy vaccine, nominated in 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine, ´At the moment that society recognizes that Health, Nutrition with good nutrition and supplementation are the bases fundamental to progress, we will be able to eradicate many diseases, poor nutrition is what causes relapse later in the patient.´ His product Ideal Colloidal Minerals and Excedd Mega Nutrition, considered him as an elixir of cellular vitality. (1913-1914) Hero of health.

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