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Breathe Seed


Phytodrug composed of three seeds of plants considered in the European and American pharmacopoeia as essential to the airways, seeds Fennel rich transanethols , seeds of fenugreek presence of saponins and foenugraecin ,  Mulein with verbascosaponine , herbs studies proven effectiveness Active ingredients in respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis, inflammation of the airways, asthma, dyspnea, hypoventilation due to environmental contamination, pharyngitis is considered antibacterial and antiseptic, helping to eliminate fluids or phlegm without irritating the airways, excellent for protecting the lungs Of smokers, our breathing system is vital and taking care of it depends on good nutrition and on us.



This proteolytic enzyme is naturally extracted from pineapple, it is an enzyme that works exclusively on the metabolization of proteins, being of plant and hypoallergenic origin, excellent anti-inflammatory especially in the respiratory tract, effective in sinusitis, reduces the absorption of the Amoxicillin when taken together is antiviral, antibacterial, antipyretic.



This product has been formulated to improve the airways, it has a secretory-motor effect , it metabolizes quickly in the body, quickly going to work in the mucus-secreting cells and makes it less viscous, thanks to a light mucus the cilia can transport the phlegm out of the faster respiratory tract, does not interfere with the body\'s natural response to coughing, this product is indicated for bronchitis, pharyngitis, asthma, flu, rhinitis, colds, smoker\'s cough, acting as a bronchodilator, mucolytic, antimicrobial and fluidizing agent, ideal for All ages.