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Super Cal Mag Plus


Magnesium is called the "anti-stress mineral". This combination of minerals helps the formation and protection of bones, teeth and muscles. It prevents and acts in the control of osteoporosis, helps in the acid / alkaline balance, contributes in the treatment of arthritis, awakens the energy of the organism.

Strong Bones


Without a doubt, the best product for bone strengthening. It is quickly absorbed by the bones, especially when it is urgently required to eliminate calcium loss, such as fractures, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, it acts at the same time as an anti-inflammatory , nourishes the structural system (ideal for athletes).



glucosamine is considered as anti-inflammatory 200 times superior to other non-natural ones , allowing better flexibility, together with chondroitin repair damaged cartilage, indicated in osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, stops joint and muscle damage, strengthening mechanisms of body repair.