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Colon Light Plus
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Colon Light Plus

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Combination of herbs scientifically proven to clean and strengthen the colon, preventing inflammation, acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-flatulent, ideal for irritable bowel and constipation.


Fennel seed, ruibarbo, licorice root, golden seal, psyllium, buckthorn bark, ginger root and cascara sagrada.


  • Strengthens the walls of the colon
  • Eliminate constipation and constipation
  • Eliminate parasitosis
  • Adjuvant in the treatment of Diverticulosis and Colitis
  • Help against irritable bowel


For children and young people under 16 years of age take one capsule at night and for young people from 16 years and adults 2 capsules at night.


Slim a Motion
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Slim a Motion



It contains aromatic compounds that increases the production of gastric juices, eliminating anxiety processes, stimulating peristaltic movements of the intestine, increasing diuresis, which is why it is used to avoid extra kilos due to food abuse, making it excellent for dietary regimes, controls anxiety state .

Inmunotransfactor Plus


The Immuno Transfactor Plus has been shown to induce a response in less than 24 hours. This helps control allergies and avoid autoimmune diseases, both the inducing factor and the suppressing factor are part of an immunoregulatory network that keeps our immune system balanced .




feverfew produces continuous oxygenation at the brain level, so it improves neurological problems, without causing side effects or dependency. It is used in migraine as a long-term treatment to control the disease. 

Colloidal Minerals


Each cc of this wonderful product contains 77 colloidal minerals, minerals necessary to achieve a good balance in our body of other nutrients, providing continuous energy, health and good mood, recommended for all types of people, both children and adults, the lack of these colloidal minerals would lead us to an ionic, organic and hormonal imbalance, this product is characterized by its acceptable flavor and its effectiveness is immediate.